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In a Mexican-American household, being the only vegan is kind of like being a martian. Add lactose intolerance on top of that and you’re truly from another galaxy.

Duck carnitas, no.
Chicarrones, sorry.
Chile relleno, close!
Sunday menudo, OMG.

Too often, I found myself just getting by on rice, beans, and potatoes while my family got to enjoy all of the richness of Mexican cuisine.

I knew it had to be possible to bring all of the flavors and family recipes together with my vegan diet. Without making sacrifices.

So that’s what I set out to do. In a way that even my non-vegan friends and family could enjoy!



At Pinche Vegana, we want people to know that plant-based Mexican cuisine is not only delicious but better for health, animals, and the planet.



My three sons will tell you that cooking wasn’t exactly my specialty when they were growing up. As a day spa owner and esthetician of 22 years, they probably got better skin care advice from me than home-cooked meals! But that all changed when the pandemic began.

Having been out of work during much of the lockdown, like so many people, I spent a lot more time in the kitchen. I started re-creating vegan versions of the Mexican dishes I grew up on and by the end of the lockdown, I had developed a new passion. Naturally, my next thought process was whether I could turn another passion into a business.

With the support of my best friends and family, I started doing pop-ups in 2021, testing recipes at food festivals from New York to Miami. By the end of 2022, we learned that people had driven an hour to get their favorite Pinche Vegana dish.

It was in this moment that I realized there could be something more. I also realized that my passion for aesthetics and cooking are one in the same — they’re all about making people feel good.

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